Learning math can actually be fun and connective. Fellow teachers and homeschool families, here's the Geometry program your students will thank you for.

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What's at stake?

Hello, my name is Robert Ahdoot. I'm the founder of YayMath.org, and the creator of this course.

Try asking anyone you know, "What's your math story?" Then watch as their faces either light up, contort with upset, or perhaps become thoughtful or reflective. Everyone has a math story.

Think of your math story for a moment. How does it play out in your thoughts, and what's the best word that captures how your math story makes you feel?

Students everywhere are creating their math stories, right now.

A positive learning experience ripples throughout our lives.

Learning can be one of our lives' most fulfilling experiences. Or it can be downright dreadful. No matter where they live, students deserve a high quality learning program. They deserve to be engaged and inspired, to laugh along with goofy class jokes, and to feel validated because they have the same question as someone else in room.

This must be our mission, and nothing less:

1.) to offer students a gratifying math experience

2.) one that teaches them everything they need to know, at a high level

3.) one that leaves them feeling good about the subject, and themselves, afterwards

Indeed, students need to learn math now, for their current coursework. But the stakes of this moment extend far after their math courses are behind them. Students carry with them both positive and negative memories of learning... for the rest of their lives. Decades from now, they shouldn't be saying, "UGH, I'm just no good at math." They could be saying, "You know I really enjoy math; it's all kinda like a puzzle."

It's no secret that their relationship with math now impacts the rest of their lives. Their career choices, self-esteem, and even just feeling comfortable while talking numbers, or while handling their finances.

How we feel while we learn is so critical. This is the root reason for why I created this program. Thank you for considering it.

Why Yay Math works, by Aubree, age 16

With mom's blessing, Aubree was kind enough to share her thoughts about why she loves learning with Yay Math.

Harvard University Provost StatementA statement from the provost of Harvard University, commenting on comparisons between online learning and in person learning:

"Rather than seeking to approximate the campus experience online, we can focus our efforts on creating the best possible remote education experience. A successful shift of this magnitude will require tremendous creativity and dedication."

- Dr. Alan Garber, Provost, Harvard University

Your Instructor

Robert Ahdoot
Robert Ahdoot

Robert Ahdoot began his teaching journey more than a decade ago as a classroom math teacher. Throughout that time, his personal mission was to explore every specific way to reach his students. He saw firsthand how learning ignited when he connected to them as people. When in such an elevated space, any prior feelings of shutdown they had experienced vanished. One mental note led to several, which led to a living and growing teacher playbook. Through years of dedication and focus on student connection, his classes became fun, lively, and positive beacons of learning for both him and his students.

Yet within so elevated a space, he and his students felt a restlessness. It was the dawn of the video era, and they knew that what they were stumbling upon something could truly benefit others, if they could only experience it themselves. So out came an impromptu camcorder perched atop a precarious stack of books, and the Yay Math movement was born.

YayMath.org is a free online collection of math video lessons, filmed LIVE in Robert's classroom, featuring authentic student interaction, that's both fun and emotionally connective. It has given life to now iconic, full costume math characters, like the "MathemaGyptian" and "MathemaChicken." Since its inception, Yay Math videos are viewed at a staggering 2 million minutes per month.

Yay Math's online proliferation has provided Robert the opportunity to give multiple TEDx talks on conquering math anxiety, speak at schools about how to permanently achieve inspired learning, create comprehensive online courses for teachers and homeschool families to use, and pen his debut book, One-on-One 101: The Art of Inspired and Effective Individual Instruction. It's the complete guide to connecting to kids, and it has been adopted by multiple school administrations as a blueprint for cultivating transcendent student-teacher learning relationships.

Robert and his family recently returned from a 6-month trip through much of the world. He now lives with his wife and two daughters in Oregon.

"I just wanted to say that I LOVE Yay Math! I have hated math since I was in 7th grade, and may have called it 'the death of all things good' (Not being dramatic at all, haha). But now that I'm using Yay Math, I LOVE math! I don't get stressed out any more, and for once I'm actually understanding the concepts!

So, thank you for helping me see that I can conquer, and enjoy, math lessons!

And here is a joke that I drew on my Geometry test:

STOP in the name of the Law... of Syllogism! If you don't stop, you will be arrested. If you are arrested, I will lock you up. If you don't stop, I will lock you up.

Thanks, again, for making math an enjoyable experience instead of drudgery."

– Faith D. Malvern, IA

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Geometry!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Semester 1 Final Exam
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Chapter 9 – Transformations
Available in days
days after you enroll

Please click here to read their school's newsletter, which covered the story on the front page.

Yay Math promises that...

  • You don't need a textbook. The curriculum is fully self-contained.
  • The program is complete, covering a full year's worth of Geometry materials.
  • It's easy and instant to implement. Access can begin minutes from now.
  • The interface is mobile friendly, across all devices, and all browsers.
  • All answer keys are provided, by Robert's hand, written out step-by-step, using intuitive coloring, with a human and sometimes light-hearted touch.
  • Yay Math is the first-of-its kind throughout in the world, because its math lessons are filmed in front of a live classroom, with real student interaction. So when you watch, you feel like you're right in that room, sharing in the class's fun vibe. For example, meet the "Mathema-CHICKEN"...

Even chickens need love?

  • You'll get your time back. You no longer need to painstakingly find/create content, sift through the internet ocean, or constantly vet sources. All the work is already done for you, at an exemplary level.
  • Any negative relationship towards math will be healed. Ever heard a student laughing while learning math? It ignites your heart.
  • Best of all, students, parents, and teachers simply LOVE it. It's the way learning ought to be.

Let's just say it: it's time to stop subjecting our students to some of the dreadful learning practices of the past.

No more learning straight from the book, or from emotionless lectures. They only alienate students and stop learning cold. Every student, no matter where they are, deserves to have a high-quality math experience. To smile while learning.

"Robert, thank you so much for putting this Geometry Curriculum together. As a homeschooling mom of six, I have made use of your Yay Math videos for years. It was a little hard to admit that my children liked you better than me - but they had so much fun learning from you. Your enthusiasm for learning is definitely contagious. The curriculum has been such a welcomed addition to our home school. It is so easy to use, for both student and teacher! My two sons that are currently using it are learning so much and having a good time doing it. We are hoping for similar programs in other courses. Thanks again for a terrific product!"

- Danielle, Roxbury, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly is this for?
The program is designed for math teachers, homeschool families, or independent students.

For teachers, your account gives you immediate access to a treasure trove of materials. The program works as an all-in-one online curriculum that's at your full disposal. You can use it to fuel your day's lessons, showcase videos as needed, and assign both online-based or written practice work. Every lesson plan is entirely done for you, including practice tests, chapter tests, and all hand-written step-by-step answer keys. All materials are also instantly downloadable for you to print, or to post to your school's LMS.

Homeschool families use this platform as a comprehensive, end-to-end online course. Students jump right in and learn, section by section.

Last but not least, independent students use this course for a variety of reasons (e.g. to build necessary skills for a college course, to prep for a standardized test, or for an upcoming career change.) Reasons for obtaining this program are as unique as people themselves. How about parents who retain access to the course materials, for whenever their children need immediate support in a high school or college class? Or grandparents who use this program to bolster their own understanding, so that they may be active participants in their grandchildren's education? Just spectacular.
How long do I have access?
Originally, two options were available for purchase: one-year access, and lifetime access.

But then the coronavirus emergency shut down schools, as school officials have openly advised their communities that future closures are very possible. With that situation at hand, I realized that one-year access to this program is not in best service to you. Therefore, for the same price as one year's access, you'll obtain lifetime access to the program.

This way, with inevitable uncertainty ahead, an expiring account is one thing you won't have to worry about. For less than the cost of a textbook, the program will be yours. No subscription or recurring payment. Once means once.
Wait, did you just say one payment equals permanent access? Aren't you afraid someone will get it and just spread it everywhere?
The thought crossed my mind, so I want to share my opinion on this. Every summer in my childhood, my family drove to quaint beaches in Delaware. En route, we passed miles of iconic Maryland farmland. Our favorite place to buy massive watermelons and other goodies was one barn in particular: carts of amazing produce with prices on them, and a lockbox to slide your money through the slit at the top. I always remember how quiet and picturesque it was, with no farmers anywhere in sight. A wooden sign in black written text read plainly: Honor System. It always stuck with me, and now it's my turn. I'm trusting people to be cool. Either way, the students win, so I have nothing to complain about.

Honor Systems have always spoken to me.
Is the curriculum comprehensive under Core Core?
Yes. 100% of the topics within the Common Core State Standards are covered by this program. However, the topics are not specifically listed under each formalized code. Meaning, when you get to the section on "The Pythagorean Theorem", it'll be called, "The Pythagorean Theorem". It won't be called, "CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.G.B.6".
As a teacher, may I pick and choose parts of the program to supplement my own?
Absolutely. This program is clearly categorized by chapter and section, named exactly the way the books name them. So you can grab practice packets here and there, give online quizzes here and there, etc. And of course, you could simply use this program exclusively, as the course covers what is traditionally regarded as a full school year of Geometry.
Is there a book the program is modeled after?
The Glencoe Geometry books serve as the chapter outlines, for the order and names of each topic. The majority of math textbooks all bear the same content, as they have for decades.
Is there any formal high school or college credit given for completing the course?
Not directly. But there is a way to obtain course credit. With the shifting educational landscape brought on by the coronavirus, an increasing number of districts and colleges offer accreditation through the submission of a course portfolio.

That way, you may be able to get credit if you submit certain documents they request. For example, they may request sample work with assignment descriptions, course outlines, course codes, and other specifics of this nature. If you'd like, I can happily assist with the professional arrangement of the portfolio documents, at no additional cost to you.

The necessity to receive credit varies for each individual. Either way, at the conclusion of this course, all students receive a personally authenticated certificate of completion. You may choose to pass the certificate along to any educational institution, as you deem appropriate.
Is a student version of the course available?
Yes. To tailor the course for your student(s), please reach out to robert "at" yaymath "dot" org.
If I want multiple students to each have access, are discounted group licensing rates available?
Yes. To make arrangements, please contact robert "at" yaymath "dot" org with the number of students, and kindly include any pertinent information.
What's the difference between this course and the videos already available on yaymath.org?
Yay Math's video library is proudly available as a free online public resource. This course is for people looking for a math program that uses the videos, yet offers more structure, depth, and comprehensiveness. The course goes beyond the videos, to also include:

  • tailor-made printed course materials
  • tons of applicable and engaging practice problems
  • practice tests
  • chapter tests
  • final exams
  • all step-by-step, in color, and hand-written keys, for all of the above
  • (special bonus) the course also weaves in fun math riddles I've collected since I was a child, and inspirational quotes of wisdom and insight
What if I have a specific question during the course?
New feature – student comments have recently been enabled on every section of the course. So if you need clarification on a specific problem beyond what the answer key shows, post your question, and I'll address it with alacrity. What's great is that everyone in the course from then on benefits from that exchange.
What if the course is not to my liking?
The spirit of this transaction is to fulfill you. Thus if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please feel free to reach out within the first 30 days, to get a full refund.
I have another question. May I reach out?
Of course. Yay Math is a family. Please reach out and connect, robert "at" yaymath "dot" org.

How have you been using the program?
"Yay Math Geometry has been implemented as a supplement to our current curriculum. Last year I used videos only, and this year I have used the videos plus the practice and chapter tests (those are done perfectly as a adaptation from the ones from the book.)"

What's it like for your students?
"It's like having a team teacher come in to present the concepts in a similar, and usually in a more fun way."

What's the learning experience like in the class?
"The learning experience is mainly from sensing the positive vibes from Robert and his students.... it helps my students think that maybe Geometry can be a fun class sometimes!"

What are your students saying?
"He is like you, but younger and funnier."
"Do those kids [the students in the videos] actually like Geometry?"

What is it like "to be you" (the teacher) these days?
"It's nice to use technology on a daily basis... we've come long way from my 'chalkboard days' back in the 1990's!"

- Dan D., math teacher, Benton City, WA

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