Chapter 0 Full Student Packet (download & print)

Welcome to Chapter 0! Wait, what? Chapter 0?

You read that correctly. We're calling this Chapter 0, "Preparing for Algebra", as a fancy way of saying "Pre-Algebra". I thought it'd be a helpful addition to include a full chapter on every necessary incoming skill students will need for this Algebra course. We want to create a setup for success.

Thus, this is a full chapter, with a test and all the other work involved, just like every chapter in the course. The only difference is that this Pre-Algebra material is not included in the final exam for Semester 1. As this is an Algebra course, the material on the final exam is exclusively Algebra.

Each section within this (and every) chapter has this ordering:

  • Video + Worksheet to work on simultaneously
  • Google Quiz
  • Classwork
  • Classwork key, to check answers afterwards

It's recommended that you print out the Chapter 0 full student packet, available at the top of this page. This way, you'll have the entire chapter's work in front of you, in the right order, ready to go. You may print it 2-sided and it'll format correctly.

The full student packet does not include answer keys, nor the chapter test.

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